Why Honda Motors Should Invest On Motorcycle Innovations

Based on the estimate by Forbes, 15 per cent of the total valuation of Honda Motors can be accounted to its motorcycles, water motors and ATVs product line. The revenue from the same sector is estimated to be 14 per cent of the total revenue of the company. Honda Motors is currently investing on innovations that improved their motorcycle technology segment. As a result, the company recently launched a motorcycle with self-stabilizing feature that was showcased at the last CES. The technology used by Honda’s self-stabilizing motorcycle is called Moto Riding Assist. It is designed to make sure that the motorcycle can be operated even without the rider controlling it and still there is no danger of falling over.

This technology aims to make motorcycle riding a safer method of transport as well as lessen the road accidents that are happening during slow moving traffic because of the assurance that the motorcycle will not fall. Forbes estimate of the current market share of Honda in the international motorcycle sector shows that they have 33 percent and this figure is expected to remain stable for a several years until 2022.

Honda is currently dominating about one-third of the current international market in the motorcycle industry and the innovation in this sector is important for the company to make sure that they maintain their competitive edge and attract more consumers to buy their products. In South East Asia, motorcycles are considered as the most preferred method of transportation and this is the region where Honda Motors brand is most popular. In fact, in Vietnam motorcycles are sometimes referred to as Honda by the locals. Majority of the new drivers in these regions are still driving the two-wheeled motorcycles where there is a penetration rate of more than 80 per cent including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

To go along with the trend, Honda Motors started a partnership with Grab Inc in order for the two companies to work together in providing motorcycle sharing services in countries in South East Asia. While it is most popular in South East Asia, Honda motorbikes in UK is also attracting more customers as well as other parts of the world.