Who Spends The Most In Laos?

According to data, tourists coming from outside of Asia are spending more than those who are travelling from neighbouring countries only. The good news is that the number of tourists from Asean countries has increased by 92 per cent in 2016 compared to the figure recorded in 2015.

The data is from a report published by the Tourism Development Department of Laos which is operating under the agency Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. The same report revealed that more than 396,000 international tourists came to the country thus the generated revenue reached more than $396 million. The number of tourists from Asian countries and the Pacific, on the other hand, reached as high as 3.5 million but the revenue was only $328 million. Majority of the regional tourists are coming from countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, China and Vietnam.

Statistics also revealed that the revenue gathered from international tourists is higher compared to the revenue from spending by the regional tourists. For international tourists, their average stay in the country is more than 7 days for each person and their accommodations are mostly luxury hotels in Luang Prabang. As indicated on the report, each person was able to spend an average of $76 each day.

Tourists coming from regional countries are only staying at an average of one to three days for every person. Their daily spending is only between $12 and $52 for every person. Majority of regional tourists are able to access Laos in different entry ways possible such as pass for a day, border passes and passports.

For 2016, Laos welcomed over 4.2 million of tourists which is a bit lower compared to the number of tourists in 2015 which is at 4.6 million. Last year, the tourism industry of the country was able to gather revenue of $724 million which is lower compared to 2015 where the revenue is at $725 million.

The highest number of tourists came from Thailand with 2 million while Vietnam brought 1.1 million tourists. These tourists are either high spenders staying in luxury hotels in Luang Prabang or backpackers staying in budget accommodations.