Where Cool Travellers Meet – A Ridiculously Beautiful Tropical Destination Combining Beach, Reef, And Rainforest

The word paradise is a little bit short in describing the beauty that is Port Douglas. The gorgeous town in Tropical Northern Queensland is a bucket list for hardcore travelers around the world. Port Douglas is just an hour drive from Cairns. Cairns is where people usually fly in to reach Port Douglas as there are no major airports in the latter. Luckily, all capital cities of Australia have flights in and out of Cairns regularly. From Cairns, you can take a helicopter to Port Douglas which will only take 15 minutes. But the popular way is only $40 per person where airport shuttle buses take you directly to Port Douglas for an hour drive. Getting out is also as easy, just take the same shuttle bus as airport transfers Port Douglas to Cairns. Some people also opt to rent a private car and self-drive from Cairns. The coastal road offers a very scenic drive.

First off, one of the iconic beaches in Australia, the 4 Mile Beach, is in Port Douglas. It is only walking distance from the town centre, where most tourist drops off. The town centre itself offers a variety of accommodations with all sorts of gimmicks to cater to the different niches of people that pass by their amazing town. Whether to play hard or just chill, there is always a right place for you to stay in Port Douglas. Like in Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef is also accessible from Port Douglas. Boats offer cruises even to the outer reef on a daily basis and affordable packages are also available. Packages include scuba diving or snorkeling specialised trips, and tropical island hopping as well. There are lush rainforests around the area too where wildlife feeding is an attraction. Daintree rainforest, another world heritage that can be found on the continent, is also easily accessible from Port Douglas. The Daintree is the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest in all of Australia. After an eventful time in town, whether it was an all-out adventure or a relaxing vibe, just conveniently take airport transfers Port Douglas to Cairns to perhaps check out Cairns as well.

Cairns is a vibrant tourist town which is why some people prefer Port Douglas for a more exclusive experience. But because they’re already there, tourists allocate a day or two to explore Cairns as well before flying out, and it sure is a great decision.