What New York City Looks Like Every Store Is Mapped

New York City has a certain appeal to visitors even if they have to pay a lot to be able to enjoy the city. New York City is thriving and expensive with all the amenities that people require from department stores, sushi restaurants, Chinese food and Polish bakeries. These businesses add to the appeal of New York because you can have dinner or find a good book just around the corner.

New York businesses from a three-mile radius are represented on a map from New City Observatory. Every consumer-facing store where you can buy your dinner, novels, art supplies and many others is represented by dots. The three-mile radius has about 9,905 stores that offer consumer goods and services which is more than any city in the United States. No wonder, people are not deterred by the high cost of living in New York because every amenity is just within reach.

San Francisco is a much smaller city than New York but it is also a dense destination that signifies the health of economic activity.  When these cities are mapped, data is compiled from national business directories while eliminating manufacturers that serve businesses, banks and hospitals. Dots only represent places that serve the needs of consumers and households. These are the places that provide a major benefit to city living.

When amenities are within reach of shoppers and households, time used for searching and travelling is saved. Thriving cities have businesses that are walking distance from each other while excluding those that have acres of parking space and stores in isolated street corners. The geographical maps are not meant to be as comprehensive so much as indicative. It only shows cities that are thriving because of the availability of amenities that provide real improvement to daily living.

Another type of map is the hand-drawn type that is commissioned to mark favorite places, landmarks and buildings. New York City Illustrated Map is designed to be easily read and understood so that the visitor will feel a sense of place. Usually, the illustrated map tells you things that you will like to know about a place which you will not find in a traditional map.