Volvo Truck Transformed Into Horse Truck

Many of the Sydney removals may have seen this 1995 Volvo FL trucks as it drives around the eastern part of Australia. The prime mover was bought by its first owner Danny Marr who is established the Marrs Management located in Nambour, Queensland. The first few years of the truck’s life is spent moving and transporting furniture all over the east coast.

In 2000, the truck was bought by a subcontractor and it was continued to be used in transporting furniture. Phil Stanbridge who is the workshop manager of Marrs Management remained to be the one in charge of maintaining the Volvo truck.

Phil said that for the entire life of the truck, he was the one responsible for its maintenance.

A decade after being sold, Marrs bought the truck back. It has travelled an estimated 1.5 million kilometres and he decided it was time for the Volvo to get a new life as a horse truck.

Phil, who is working with the company for the past 24 years, was part of the team that worked on the track and made it into its new purpose.

Many are asking why Marrs decided to transform it into a horse truck and Phil said that the truck is no longer the truck of choice for furniture removals.

Phil added that their boss, Danny Mar, was the one who began using it when he would travel with his granddaughter watching show jumping horses.

The truck has been to many shows already and it has travelled to other places including Adelaide and Perth.

Once the transformation was completed, the truck was equipped with a chassis that can go as long as possible. The measurement of the truck is 12.5 meters long and there are full sized quarters inside that can accommodate a maximum of five horses at a time.

The transformation was elaborate according to Phil.

After using it for some time and having travelled another 300,000 kilometres, the Marr family sold the truck once more. This might be an inspiration to Sydney removals to transform their old trucks when the time comes.