Ugly Christmas Sweater Business Boom

The primary objective of clothing designers is to help their clients channel their inner fashion side to take hold of them and leave them feeling trendy and chic while at the same time stylish. There are some designers like Anne Marie Blackman who has another goal in mind. Her creations are hideous clothes. She is the prominent owner of My Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Their company collects, refurbishes and sells gaudy looking sweaters during the holiday season. They place some weird accessories to sweaters like some bells and bulging reindeer head. There is no sweater that she makes which is not ugly. If it is not ugly, they improve its look and make it uglier. According to the founder of the store, there was a particular sweater which she did not sell since she loved the way how it was. It was great for something to wear during Christmas parties.

Her business started as a small home based endeavor which has now blossomed and become a huge successful enterprise. Today, her company ships thousand of ugly Christmas sweater nationwide. How did she come up with the idea of selling ugly sweaters in the first place? She recounted that when her kids were already finishing high school and was getting ready to go to college; she contemplated hard on where she will get the money to provide for her children’s education. She stumbled across items that sold well during holiday season and got acquainted with ugly Christmas sweaters. She hoped to pick up some cash for her children’s future and told herself that she can make uglier sweaters compared to those sold on the market. She got to work immediately with a handful of sweaters and place these on eBay. To her surprise, it sold quickly and she immediately sensed that she wan on to something. Since then she created a one-stop-shop for those who are looking for ugly Christmas sweaters as well as accessories that go with it.

Her story is just one of the several success stories with ugly sweaters. One booming business with this trend is They create and sell ugly sweaters.