The View Loses Two Sponsors Due To Nurse Jokes

Kelley Johnson represents Colorado for 2016 Miss America pageant. Her talent was a monologue about being a nurse. However, the monologue resulted into two sponsors dropping their ads from the show “The View” following the jokes made by the hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins regarding the nursing profession.

As the opening credits for The View rolled, the announcer revealed that the Friday show would be about the life-saving role that nurses do in their daily life. Behar walked on the set and said that they have been talking to a lot of nurses and that the show wanted to celebrate the nurses and the great way they do with their profession.

On the Monday’s episode of The View, Behar said that she did not understand that part of Kelley Johnson’s nurse scrubs and why she is wearing a doctor’s stethoscope on her neck. Host Michelle Collins remarked that Johnson basically reads her emails load and surprisingly did not win. According to Michelle Collins, Johnson treats patients with Alzheimer which is not funny through you have to Google it. Behar did not consider Johnson’s monologue as a legitimate talent and she made it obvious that she was not knowledgeable about the nursing profession.

Nurses were quick to retaliate with hash tag campaign #NursesUnite in support of Ms. Johnson. According to a representative of National Nurses United which is the largest US organization of nurses, The View trivialized the nursing profession when they referred to the nurse scrub as a costume. They also demeaned the RN profession by referring to a stethoscope as a doctor’s tool of trade.

Johnson went to the Ellen DeGeneres show to defend her monologue as well as her profession. Nurses are lifesavers and the message was about nurses not about herself.

However, the harm has been done because Johnson & Johnson and England’s Best dropped their ads from the show. Behar and her co-hosts apologized but the two companies have already announced that they will no longer be advertising on The View after receiving requests from healthcare professionals. The View has not yet replied when asked for a comment by FOX411.