The Popularity Of Standup Paddle Boarding Has Inspired Business Ventures

The industry of paddle boards has its fair share of innovations through the self-inflating paddle board and other inflatable SUP accessories. Some companies have created an all-in-one paddle board in a lightweight and small pack that inflates quickly. Inflatable paddle boards are gaining popularity among water sport enthusiasts and beginners because when deflated the paddle boards can easily be transported and stored compared to the rigid paddle boards that will require a roof rack or trailer.

Kev Brady is bringing to Gloucester Docks the water adventure that people crave all their lives. Kev Brady was inspired by his travels to set up a paddle board business in Gloucester. Kev hopes that his paddle board business will encourage people to take trips to the River Severn after they have visited historic buildings and tourist spots.

Kev Brady gained inspiration for his business after a record-breaking swim on the 220-mile length of the River Severn. During the two-week trip, Kev was accompanied by friends and family who brought along their paddle boards. They absolutely loved paddle boarding in the river that a lot of people were encouraged to give the water sport a try. Kev wanted to dispel the wrong assumptions that paddle boarding was only for professional sports enthusiasts and that the sport can only be enjoyed during the summer months.

Standup paddle boarding provides a different experience from canoeing and kayaking. In standup paddle boarding, standing at water level is very relaxing particularly if you hear the sounds of water. Paddle boarding can be enjoyed at any time of the year including winter as long as you wear a wetsuit that will keep you warm and comfortable. Kev Brady’s next challenge is teaching visitors paddling skills and board control including water safety. Instructions will be provided for half days and full days for all ages.

Since inflatable boards are more convenient to transport, the issue of Inflatable SUP Pumps and More has become hot topic. It is important to select a pump that will inflate your paddle board without popping a blood vessel in the process. Inflatable pumps are dependent on the size of your board that you will be pumping.