The Industry Of Human Hair In New York City

According to anthropologist Emma Tarlo in her book “Entanglement: The Secret Lives of Hair,” hair extensions have rekindled the global trade for hair in the early 90’s. Last year, imports of human hair to the United States were valued at $685.3 million. According to Census Bureau, human hair imports in 1992 were valued at $51.6 million.

Hair extensions whether human, synthetic, animal or a combination of the 3 materials have become a billion dollar industry. The driving force in the hair extension industry is the African-American market that has embraced wigs long before extensions and weaves were introduced.

The phenomenon actually started with celebrities wearing lace wigs. Beyonce, the Kardashians, Brandy and Nicki Minaj are the biggest movers of the market. Traditionally, everyone wanted to keep the wig a secret but now it is a cool thing. Celebrities no longer hide that they are wearing hair extensions; they even make it public.

The world of wigs in New York City is overwhelmingly vast and various. In Midtown, you will find Korean-American wholesalers that sell human hair in bulk. At hair emporiums along 125th Street in Harlem and Fulton Avenue in Brooklyn, women can be seen sorting through different styles and names that include Senagalese Twist and Peruvian Bodywave.

Most of the wigs though are from China where thousands of workers work laboriously in factories to perform the job that New York wigmakers used to do. Short and splintered hairs are plucked from bundles before they are stirred in big vats containing bleach to produce hand-knotting wigs. People who want their wigs customized simply make the order and send it to the Orient. When they receive the wig, they tweak it a little to achieve a more natural look. There are now a lot of people getting their living off hair with wigmakers only a small part of the supply chain.

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