The Importance of a Great Business Name

If you are thinking of starting a business soon, what you should first do is to choose a business name that is suited to you. Most people don’t give enough focus and importance to their company’s name but what you should remember is that your business name is the first thing that you project to consumers. Whether you have a good business name, or a bad one, this is what everyone will remember about you. Your business name could either draw more customers to you, or send them running to your competitors.

If you stay in the business for a long time, chances are, you would have investment so much time, effort and most especially, money, on building your business. Your brand, however, may become much more valuable than the total assets of your business.

You can always go for cute business names or cool-sounding ones but they should never be dull or unoriginal because people won’t be able to remember them. Some of the most well known business names have a lot in common. These business names share quite a few characteristics that you may want to know about. Here they are.

  1. They stick. A good company will always have a name that sticks to people’s minds. To achieve this, you must be willing to invest a lot of time brainstorming and thinking of good names for your company.
  2. They are short. What do Apple, Pixar, Twitter, Nike and Facebook have in common? Apart from all being successful companies, they also have very short names. Studies have shown that shorter names are easier to remember than longer ones. For this reason, many companies are now looking for catchy yet shorter business names that can stick to people’s minds.
  3. They tell a story. How did Facebook, Apple and Twitter get their names? Pretty sure, the story of how they’ve gotten their names is all interesting. Remember, there are times when inspiration just strikes and it would be a great idea to take advantage of it.
  4. They invent their own names. Although it is strongly recommended that inventing your own business name should be a last resort, it had greatly worked for Google and Gizmodo, two words you won’t find in any vocabulary.