The Growing Trend Of Failed DIY Attempts

According to a new survey, business for UK tradesmen has been given a boost by Britain’s do-it-yourself attitude. The study that was commissioned by Swinton Commercial, a business insurance broker, found out that plumbers benefited from the high number of DIY disasters in both the home and workplace. At least 20% of the tradesmen that have been studied reported that 84% of their workloads were failed DIY attempts.

The study also revealed that 100% of those who performed DIY attempts believed that it is cheaper to do fix the plumbing issue themselves than hire a professional plumber. At least 42.9% thought that skilled plumbing jobs were easy while 42% were afraid of being ripped off by rogue traders. 25% of the plumbers interviewed said that they were called to fix DIY mishaps at businesses while 100% said that many people are too ambitious and by being guilty of DIY they are putting themselves and others at risk. 50% of the UK plumbers believed that this is a growing trend.

Different kinds of failed DIY attempts have been reported and included a waitress who tried to repair a commercial boiler using a bread knife and scissors. In an unsecured bath where the overflows were running to the ceiling void, there were lead pipes that have been left and fudged to the copper pipes with boxing made from MDF absorbing water. A basin tap was found to be fitted without a sealing washer and has caused a large leak that ran to the ceiling of a hallway.

The results of the study are actually troubling because it shows that many people are undertaking potentially dangerous and demanding jobs so that they can save money. The growing trend for failed DIY attempts may be good news for UK plumbers but is considered false economy. Usually, it costs more to fix an amateurish attempt.

The fact is it is more cost effective to hire professional plumbers to fix a plumbing problem because the job is done right the first time with unquestionable quality and workmanship. If you undertake a technically demanding job without the right skills and experience, the attempt will cost you more than money than expected.