The Growing Trend For Eco-Friendly Burials

As the population ages, the trend now in Asia is for eco-friendly burials. At a recent Hong Kong funeral industry trade fair, caskets made from paper or wicker and sea grass materials were put on display including pendants made from the ashes of the deceased and funeral urns. Seeing the opportunities in a lucrative industry, investors from all the world flocked to the trade fair.

The death industry is lucrative in Asia because the aging population is expected to hit 923 million by the middle of the century. According to the Asian Development Bank, this puts the region on track to become the oldest in the world. The market for funeral services has grown steadily and is now worth about $62.6 billion a year with China accounting for almost a half.

Green burials have become a global trend. European customers recognize the importance of eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional wooden caskets. Shandong Ecoffin International produces wicker and seagrass coffins that became popular in Europe and is now catching a lot of attention in Asia. Alex Sung, the owner of the Shandong company makes use of willow reeds as an option to wood.

The paper casket displayed by LuenHing Coffin Co looked deceptively like the traditional coffins. While it costs more because of the specialized manufacturing processes for the honeycomb paper construction, the coffin burns twice as fast as the wood coffin in the crematorium to save time and money.

At the booth of Yu Fu Xiang, custom designed cremation urns were displaced. The urns were adorned with the image of the deceased with an ornate elite longevity costume like those worn by the Royal Emperors.

Demand is growing for more personalized funeral services as sensitivities towards death have started to ease. Now it has become more acceptable to talk about death and make the wishes known beforehand regarding any funeral rituals.

Since many families are now choosing cremation instead of the traditional burial, it is important to choose from funeral urns in Perth to contain the ashes of the loved one. There is wide range of funeral urns available in different designs and materials to fit any budget.