The Financial Impact Of Unpaid Child Support

Reaching an amicable agreement requires proper communication between partners to quickly resolve child custody issues. If you will make the effort to speak with child custody lawyers in Melbourne, you will be able to understand the rights and responsibilities of a parent to ensure a better future for the child after the marriage dissolution.

One issue which is often overlooked is child support enforcement that impacts on more than 13.4 families across the United States including 40,000 families in Kent County. Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system was able to collect nearly $28 billion for child support payments in 2010 and paid under a court order that was operating based on a federal legislature that was passed by the US Congress 40 years ago.

However, as of 2015, the total unpaid child support is $113 billion and rising. Parents who are divorced or separated go to CSE but while child support can be ordered it can only be required when parents seek for public assistance. Most divorced parents who can afford to hire family lawyers to avoid court orders usually bypass CSE.

In Kent County, at 37% of families that are enrolled in child support regularly receive Medicaid and public assistance programs; however, the program has cruel repercussions for the support payers in the lowest income group. In Michigan, those who fail to pay child support end up losing their driving license.

As of July 2017, it has been found out that more than 3,500 outstanding bench warrants involve unpaid child support for 6,000 children. According to Kent County Friends of the Court that implements collection, enforcement and investigation of child custody and child support cases, there are simple steps that non-custodial parents can undertake to avoid bench warrant. Partial payments can be made or the situation can be explained to the judge.

Child custody and child support is often the reason for disputes that reach the courts. There are child custody lawyers in Melbourne who can provide their services so that a settlement can be made in an informal setting. There are other options available to settle the child custody issue so that families can effectively cope up with the breakdown of the family unit.