The Best Boutique Resort In Thailand

Boutique resorts offer unique vacation experience for guests who are willing to burn a big hole in their bank accounts just to experience a well-pampered type of vacation. Aside from being well-pampered in terms of catering the needs of the guests, boutique resorts are also well designed with various designs that you can only see in boutique type of resorts. In addition to this, the amenities you can find in boutique resorts are made for the comfort and the peacefulness of the guests especially when they are sleeping at night. Now, if you want to feel like a king or a rock star in Hollywood and you have more than enough cash to spare at hand- and you’re planning at trip to Thailand in the near future, experts in vacation planning recommending that you stay in at a boutique resort in Thailand.

To begin with, Thailand is a beach country primarily because it’s surrounded with body of waters. That’s why you don’t need to worry about running out of resorts to stay in because whether you believe it or not, Thailand has more than enough resorts and hotels for vacationists of all sorts to choose from. Now, if you prefer to stay at a boutique resort in Thailand, below are some of the best boutique resorts that are scattered around the kingdom:

  • Dewa Phuket Resort Nai Yang Beach- This is considered by many as the best boutique resort in Thailand. The villas within the vicinity of the resort are designed by Swedish architects, giving it a Swedish theme inside and out. In addition to this, the villas are located nearby the Phuket beach so guests can have a direct access to the sea every time they want to take a walk along the shoreline.
  • Chintakiri Resort- It offers a very attractive view of the town of Koh Tao. Aside from the view, this resort is perfect for lovers who want to have their long-delayed honeymoon because of the romantic environment you would feel inside the resort. In addition to this, the rooms inside the resort have two floors each so guests don’t need to worry about running out of space.
  • Villa Maroc- It’s considered as a luxury boutique resort. This specific resort has a Moroccan design all throughout its premises. Each room is unique from one another so different guests will have a unique experience every single time.