Thailand’s Infrastructure Inadequate To Meet The Influx Of Tourists

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has always been a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the history of Thailand, its stunning temples, shopping malls and culinary delights. The city has also become a travel hub making it relatively easy for visitors to fly or travel from Bangkok to other parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia.

In 2016, Thailand expected revenue from international tourism at around 1.62 trillion baht or US$46 billion which represents a year-on-year increase of 11.68% over 2015. Thailand has prepared several initiatives to attract international tourists. Tourist visa fees were waived from 19 countries from December 01, 2016 to February 28, 2017. Prices of visas that are issued on arrival were reduced by 50%.

However, tourism boom in Thailand is putting a lot of pressure of infrastructure like airports. More and more tourists are arriving but infrastructure has not expanded to handle the influx of people. There are new tourist destinations in Thailand but they have to be closely monitored to be able to support tourism that is sustainable.

At present, Thailand is enjoying peak tourist season because people want to leave winter in favor of a warmer climate. Bookings have increased 2 times during the peak season to put more pressure on airports. Thailand has recently welcomed its 32 millionth guest for this year who will go home bringing the happy memories of the Thai hospitality and warm welcome.

The 32 millionth guest is Shelby Pastor who flew in from San Francisco and arrived in Bangkok last December 27. She was rewarded with two economy-class return tickets to Thailand as well as two domestic return tickets (Bangkok to Phuket) valid for one year. Part of her prize is a voucher for a 5-night stay at a luxury hotel in Bangkok or Phuket. She was also given a mobile phone with 4G sim card and 7 days of free internet usage. She will be driven to her hotel in a luxury limousine.

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