Thailand’s Cities Are Included In The Best Of The World

The Travel + Leisure magazine made their readers rank cities from around the world in order to determine the best urban cities.

15 World’s Best Cities 2016

Chiang Mai and Bangkok both make the list of 15 World’s Best Cities for this year.

Chiang Mai which is a city in northern Thailand placed 2nd garnering a score of 91.25. Bangkok came in 14th with 88.96. Last year, Bangkok was in the 6th place out of 10, and Chiang Mai wasn’t even included in the list.

Other ASEAN cities like Luang Prabang in Laos also made the list with 89.85 ranking 5th. Cambodia’s Siem Reap which was third last year now ranks 13th with 88.961.

The winning city was Charleston in South Carolina of the United States. Charleston got a score of 91.66, and it is also up while coming just 2nd last year. It took over Kyoto in Japan which currently scored 89.75, and the winner for the past years of 2014 and 2015.

Other cities included San Miguel de Allende in 3rd, Florence at 4th, Barcelona at 8th, Cape Town at 10th and Rome at 11th.

The cultural centers of Kyoto in Japan and Florence in Italy always make the list.

How the cities were chosen

The city rankings are among Travel + Leisure magazine’s yearly World’s Best Awards. The awards also include airlines, cruise lines, spas and islands.

The magazine observes how traveling to cities include the whole package like culture, history, cuisine, antiquity, modernity and all those in between. These cities have the said attributes plus a lot more.

The rising ASEAN cities

Chiang Mai ranked first in the list of the magazine’s 10 Best Cities in Asia. This is followed by Luang Prabang in Laos, Kyoto, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Bangkok, Hoi An in Vietnam, Ubud in Bali, Udaipur in India, Tokyo and Lhasa in Tibet.

Philippines ranked first in the best islands category

Thailand did not make the top 15 islands. The Philippines had the top two spots with Palawan and Boracay. Cebu was on the 6th spot. The Philippines was not in the list last year.

A true Asian experience

So whether a traveler is headed to Cebu to experience its famous Sinulog or to Thailand for its culture and beaches with snorkeling or diving such as those offered by Thailand Dive and Sail, he is sure to get the best experience.