Thailand Education System – International Schools Association Of Thailand And The Best School In The Kingdom

ISAT or the International Schools Association of Thailand is an organization of the most reputed private schools in the kingdom. The ISAT headquarters is located in Nonthaburi Province, Greater Bangkok. Its main objective is to be an organizational link between its international school members on one hand, and at the same time be Ministry of Education. They also act to officiate the Private Education Commission. Being a member of this prestigious association makes anyone of them claim to be the best school in Thailand.

ISAT was established on 1994. Since then, they have engaged in numerous efforts together with the Department of Export Promotion to extensively market international education both locally in Thailand and in other countries. However, issues on education legislations and reforms have also surfaced. To address that, ISAT has supported and offered assistance in the placements of international school Thai teachers to undergo training overseas and learn modern teaching approaches first hand. In addition, the association tries to keep up to date on educational issues locally and abroad to be on top of their game and disseminate vital information on regular meetings with its members. This is to uphold the reputation that each of them remains the best school in Thailand.

During regular meetings, discussions are welcomed. A professional forum for debate and exchange of information and views are considered a vital activity during their routine meetings. A priority is highlighted on the management of the cross-culture environment in an international school setting, as well as maintaining an effective approach in teaching the Thai language. The organization also promotes sporting events between their member schools, as well as between other Thai educational institutions. The organization also supports various charitable institutions. But the main priority remains to be cross-cultural education and the strong establishment of the Thai language.

The member schools of ISAT are also internationally recognized by accreditation organizations: Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). With these various accreditations, the member schools are competitive in offering a wide range of curricula for international systems including American and British.