Sydney Tourists Not Happy With Seagulls

The city of Sydney is currently dealing with unwanted visitors because of the hassle they have been causing with tourists. These birds are seen stealing foods from the visiting travellers while they fly above. It might be time for the authorities to take action for pest control in Sydney as it is affecting the tourism in the city.

The seagulls are flying above the Opera House, a well-known landmark all over the world, and this is where they wait for tourists to order food and steal them as they are eating in their tables. This is the biggest complain coming from tourists who travelled to Sydney and they are posting a lot of the incident through social media platforms.

According to an 18 year old, Claudia Duffy, you can see the birds are watching for people with meals. She described the experience as gross as she was not able to enjoy the fish and chip she ordered for her lunch because she was busy keeping the pests away from her $29 meal.

The Sydney City Council believes that the issue is not something that should be considered a big problem thus, they decided not to put in place a policy to control the seagulls. With this, the management of tourists’ attractions in the city decided to place the matter in their own hands.

The Opera Bar is known to its perfect view of the city and cocktails worth $20. As a solution, the management hired staff that will be in charge of keeping the seagulls away. Their waiters have water spray bottles which they used to discourage the birds from getting near.

The Harbour also employed a few measures such as kites that look like the seagulls’ predators, the umbrellas have wires over them and they utilized sonic bird devices.

They provide covering for the food to make sure that it is delivered on the table without the seagulls stealing them first.

Despite the deterrents in place, the birds are still proving to be troublesome. This is an issue that the city council should address with a pest control in Sydney in order to give the tourists peace of mind.