Suntuitive Dynamic Glass To Address The Issues Of Heat And Glare

The state of Montana is known as the “Big Sky” with lots of sun and glare. As the trend for day lighting continues in the state, heat and glare became their major problems. To enjoy the best of both worlds’ Suntuitive Dynamic Glass introduced a technology that will make students at the Chemistry and Biochemistry Building of Montana State University feel more comfortable inside their classrooms.

The Suntuitive product consists of an extruded polyvinyl butyryl (PVB) interlayer with thermochromic properties. Thermochromic glass has the capability to lighten and darken by itself without any mechanical or electrical intervention. The technology is based on heat from direct sunlight. The students at the Montana State University can monitor the transition right before their very eyes.

Suntuitive Dynamic Glass was designed to balance solar heat gain and the visible transmission of light for majority of climates. They created a type of glass that can provide as much day lighting as possible while blocking out heat gains in solar heat. Suntuitive Glass can be activated to respond to direct sunlight and it can also be slightly affected exterior temperatures, wind and sun angle. During cooler days, Suntuitive Glass will not tint down to allow passive solar heat.

According to Dr. Mary Cloninger, head of Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at MSU, Suntuitive Glass has other advantages. The new windows will require less maintenance. The school does not need to install blinds or wall coverings. Less energy will be used for air conditioning and heating systems for additional savings. The university also realizes its goals of sustainability because there is no need for electricity to intervene in the transition.

Montana is also known as a natural paradise with its amazing mountains, parks, lakes and monuments. Dynamic Suntuitive Glass will ensure the best study atmosphere because their view of the environment will be interrupted from the windows.

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