Statement Pieces That Elevate A Bathroom

Based from a recent survey by website, investing in upgrades for the bathroom is very likely for almost 25 percent of homeowners that are planning to do renovations within the next year.

Improving the bathroom is fulfilling on many levels; for those selling, buyers like excellent bathrooms. For those staying, a high-end bathroom can become a relaxing place to start or end a day.

Wicked Local Wayland listed statement pieces that are going to upgrade a bathroom.

Statement pieces to elevate a bathroom

Showpiece sink: Several design elements provide a great opportunity for artistry and utility to mix as does a bathroom sink. A smoky glass or a patterned porcelain can be the center for the vanity while also offering enough space for useful functioning. It is not hard to look for statement-style sinks. However, find options which give a look and feel of an era when the luxury pieces were handcrafted by experienced artisans to really upgrade a sink to an art form.

Countertops: Natural stones, such as limestone, concrete, marble and granite, may be too expensive for a kitchen, where there is plenty of counter space, but they are cost-effective in making a statement bathroom, where only minimal square footage is covered. These luxury materials may go together with the statement sinks to achieve a unique look. One can upgrade the bathroom countertops to their dream material and add some luxury touches after, such as an LED lighting under the counter or matching backsplash.

Standout shower: A lot of Americans spend about 6 – 10 minutes in the shower per day, based from various surveys. However, a shower is more than a place to just clean. It can soothe people at the end of tiring day, or can invigorate the senses for a hectic day ahead. The statement showers involve features like a number of shower heads, hand showers, wall jets, rainfall shower heads, customized lighting, seating, and even video and sound.

Summing up

Indeed, there are many ways for a bathroom to get elevated without the need to totally overhaul it. Even as simple as replacing shower curtains with bath shower screens, adding LED to countertops or other statement pieces can already achieve that great looking bathroom.