Spray-On Concrete – Effective Protection Against An EMP Attack

It is very unlikely for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack to happen in the near future but it is certainly heartwarming to know that there people who are undertaking projects for protection. Engineers at the University of Nebraska have successfully created a cost-effective concrete mix that will act against any intensive pulses of electromagnetic energy and protect whatever electronic devices are kept inside buildings.

The EMP-proof concrete was actually adapted from Tuan and Nguyen’s self warming concrete that has the capability to melt ice and snow through safe, low-level electrical current. Initially, the pair was working on a safer method to build roads and bridges until they realized that the new concrete can also block electromagnetic energy.

The key ingredient in the concrete mix is magnetite, a type of iron ore that has magnetic properties that allows it to absorb radiation. In order to further boost absorption, Nguyen and Tuan added more carbon and metal elements than traditional concrete. The concrete mix is a more cost effective alternative to building metal enclosures or Faraday cages for shielding requirements.

While the threat of an EMP attack is improbable, the threat must be addressed because a single attack can be pretty devastating. The microwave blocking property of the concrete mix is very important particularly since it is easy to deploy. A prototype structure that was built using the concrete mix exceeded the shielding requirements of the military.

As part of the licensing agreement that was made with the American Business Continuity Group, the University of Nebraska has developed a commercial version of the concrete mix – the spray on “shotcrete” that can be used in retrofitting older buildings and potentially vulnerable structures. Buildings with electronic devices no longer need to build expensive Faraday cages for protection.

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