Saving Tips For High Rise Hotel In Bangkok

Some people are discouraged to go on vacation because of the expenses associated with it. The truth is, you don’t have to pay excessively just to enjoy a holiday especially if you know how to snag a deal at a high rise hotel in Bangkok. The trick is about knowing how you can stretch your money’s value and where to get discounts on items.  Here are some money-saving ideas that can help you get through your holiday.

Never mind the view

Although it’s good waking up to a yellow sunrise or to a fluffy clouds if you are on a high rise hotel but you won’t be staring at that view the whole day through. The rest of the day will be spent on shopping or going to tourist spots all over Bangkok or the nearby beaches so why pay extra for something that you won’t be using nor needing the entire day? Get the most basic hotel accommodation with the least extra services so long as it is clean, comfortable and has the basic amenities that you could ever need to survive within your stay.

Avoid additional services         

Most of the time, the rates of high rise hotel in Bangkok would only increase due to extra services and amenities such as parking, fitness center and other similar amenities that you don’t actually use or need during your stay. Talk to the hotel manager if there is a way for you to book at their hotel without those extra amenities and see if it would affect the overall amount. You can also save by going to the hotel’s cafe or restaurant instead of having the food delivered to your room because it normally means additional fee for the room service.

Bundle up

Another way to lower the cost for high rise hotel in Bangkok is to bundle the room accommodation with the flight booking. Check from your airline’s website and see how you can save on their packages and deals. Include your transportation service in the bundle to further lower down the package amount.