Sao Tome As China’s New Friend In Africa

China has pledged strong support for Sao Tome, its newest friend in Africa and a former Taiwan ally and Principe whose prime minister said something in support of Chinese investments in the tranquil country. On the other hand, Taiwan has accused Beijing of taking advantage of opportunities from Sao Tome’s financial problems to push the move. Taipei does not plan to engage in “dollar diplomacy.”

China has previously denied the allegations. Sao Tome has also denied reports that it has approached Taiwan for financial assistance. China’s foreign minister Wang Yi has spoken to reporters after signing the deal that will set up ties with Sao Tome. Hopefully, both countries will benefit from the move. On the part of Sao Tome, they will gain the full support and assistance from a member of the United Union’s Security Council.

China is also the world’s largest developing nation meaning that it can support Sao Tome in its quest for socio-economic development and improvement of livelihood programs. Sao Tome has certainly made up for whatever mistakes it has committed in the past. It has renewed friendship with China that cut its ties with Sao Tome in 1997 after it recognized Taiwan.

According to Sao Tome’s Foreign Minister Urbino Botelho, they recognize China’s important role in the world. Friendship with China will promote Sao Tome’s development and protect the interests of the developing nation. Sao Tome is a small island nation that is inhabited by friendly people. The environment is tranquil and it has very good conditions for the development of trade and businesses with Chinese companies.

Over the years, China and Taiwan has tried to poach its others allies by offering generous aid packages particularly to developing nations. Trump has questioned the “one China policy” which the United States has followed since it has established relationships with Beijing in 1979.

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