Pippa Middleton-Matthews Adding New Bathroom To Mansion

Pippa and James are currently having a massive expansion for their £7 million mansion. The couple is residing in one of the most exclusive location in London and the expansion will include a new bathroom for the couple. We are not sure whether there will be a white & black ceramic basins but one this is for sure, this is a massive project.

The first floor extension is located above the kitchen area and it is where the new bathroom will sit. The couple is planning to have vanity basin as well as a double sink for his and hers.

The couple’s mansion already comes with a gym, staff room, a lift, underground cinema and six bedrooms. As part of the extension, the master bedroom will have separate dressing rooms for male and female.

A removal company has already taken a number of their furniture to be kept while the extension work is ongoing. The house was bought by James back in 2014 and it is a stucco-fronted, five-storey property.

The expansion plan may be going well for them but some of the neighbors are not too happy about it because the extension will prevent light from coming in and the work will lead to disruption and noise.

According to their next-door neighbor, Ellen Dyvik, she is worried that after the extension the sunlight passing through her kitchen may be blocked.

She already made a complaint to the council against the rear extension plan because according to her it will block the sunlight that they have in the middle of the day which only comes in a few hours daily. It will also affect sunlight in their main office and their outside patio.

She reasoned out that considering the size of the existing structure, they think that the architectural plan can be made without having to extend.

Another neighbor, Marc Perusat, said he is not happy about the disruption and noise that will be brought by the extension since he has endured one for years during the renovation of the same property even before Mr. Matthews bought it.

Work is currently ongoing because permission has been granted to Mr. Matthews and people are excited to see a white & black ceramic basins for his and hers sink.