Pilot Flying J’s New Ad Features Bathrooms

There are some brands that do not even need marketing in order to thrive while there are those that have to put in a lot of effort in their ads such as truck stops.

Pilot Flying J has business all over the interstates of the United States of America with 650 branches of travel centers. It has recently mapped out its first ever marketing campaign which took quite a lot of guts to decide on. Instead of the usual ads where they show off the different amenities they have such as the Wi-Fi connection as well as the many options when it comes to food and beverage, the company took on a new path and decided to feature its restrooms. The brand released a new television ad which is 30 seconds long together with four new print advertisements and one of them is featuring the commode and they are proud to say that is the best part of their business.

Based on a statement by Whitney Johnson who is the Vice President of brand and consumer experience, though it was a tricky move, they know that they have to feature their bathrooms in the ads. She added that there is nothing sexy that can be related to the travel centers located in the interstate and it was also a challenge to show off the restrooms. The company decided to do it because they know it is important to their customers, most especially the families.

Up until this day, this is the most ambitious marketing campaign that the company has ever tried to do since its operation. The business is known to be family owned and it has various marketing campaign strategies through television, print as well as web-based. For several years already, truck stops which are also called travel centers are not only catering truckers but other customers as well. The campaign aims to encourage and gain more customers such as families which they consider as, in Johnson’s words, four wheeled customers. The new 30 seconds television ad was created by 3 Sons Media located in Nashville.

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