New Innovation In Nontoxic Cleaning And Disinfecting Method

Rayne Guests is the founder as well as the CEO of her small business called R-Water which is located in San Marcos. She talked about the negative impact of using products that are toxic when cleaning and disinfecting and how after knowing about these, she decided to develop a solution that is nontoxic which is as effective in cleaning and disinfecting.

Cleaning ingredients have different level of health hazards. Short term effects can cause irritated eyes, chemical burns and skin and respiratory irritation. Long term effects, on the other hand, can be associated with diseases including cancer.

According to Guest, majority of consumers do not know how to properly use disinfectants. Some are just spraying then wiping without following the recommended time the disinfectant should be allowed to stay on the surface. This habit just leads to compounds being released in the air that can cause allergies, asthma as well as cancer. This method of cleaning is not effective thus it can be harmful rather than helpful.

Guests shared that she knew about the risks in cleaning chemicals after being a part of recycling programs in both Los Angeles and Caribbean. There she discovered that chemical containers are not disposed of properly his leading to aquifer pollution and janitorial staffs as well as nurses are experiencing the negative impact of cleaning products after being exposed with them for so long.

The technology she developed was beta tested in Los Angeles before she decided to move in San Marcos to start her own business. The patented technology that is the brainchild of Guest is called R-Water. It was developed to make sure toxic chemical containers are not sent to landfills and it is a solution that can be used as disinfectant and for cleaning which lowers the risk of people being exposed to chemicals that can harm the environment.

The technology used by R-Water makes use of a process that is closed loop electrolysis. It is water-based, eco-friendly and nontoxic. The second solution that can be created by the system is effective when employed in cleaning products that are used in carpet cleaning, floor and grout cleaning. Because of the known hazard of toxic chemicals, a nontoxic approach is important when looking for a professional Perth Carpet Cleaning company.