More Chinese Visitors: Better For Industry Of Luxury Hotel In Saigon

Whether you like it or not, the tourism industry in the busy city of Saigon in the country of Vietnam, has never been this booming. And as a result, the tourism officials, mostly from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, are looking to work with new measures to furthermore improve services that will lure more tourist arrivals, specifically Chinese nationals that has a number that is expected to rise to 4 million this year. And that’s a remarkably high increase, roughly 50% increase from what the number of Chinese visitors Saigon had in 2016 which is 2.7 million. Aside from Hanoi, Halong, Danang and Hoi An, the city of Saigon is included in the list of preferred destinations of Chinese nationals and that’s good for a growing number of a luxury hotel in Saigon because they will get to receive more Chinese vacationists this year.

To furthermore improve the quality of service in the industry of tourism, the tourism officials of Vietnam are working hand-in-hand with the localities within the private sector to improve services in destination spots that are preferred by the Chinese visitors and also to eliminate service providers that are offering terrible services. The authorities have also sent notices to tour operators to prepare themselves for a storm of Chinese arrivals and make sure that they are ready to meet their needs, whatever they may be- including the need for a nice luxury hotel in Saigon to stay in. Authorities are also working double time to make sure that there will be enough hotel rooms for the surge of Chinese arrivals that are expected to hit the most come tourist season which is at the end of 2017. In addition to this, Vietnamese officials are working diligently to keep their Chinese visitors happy and satisfied while they are vacationing in any part of the country because according to Vietnam’s leading travel operator, Vietravel, Chinese nationals make up 60% to 70% of the total international arrivals that are catered by Vietravel. And according to the company, they usually handle larger number of Chinese arrivals that are usually come in big groups all year long.