Mobile Marketing Trends To Watch Out In 2017

Whether we are going to admit it or not, majority of the human population across the globe have smartphones in their pockets and most of the time, those mobile devices are glued into our hands as if our lives depend on those devices. But, when you look at the features that are found in the newest line-up of smartphones that are available in the market today, you can say we can depend on these devices when it matters the most. You see, mobile devices of today have become more than just about making calls and sending those text messages. With the Internet connectivity that you will enjoy from these smartphones, you are just one tap away from everything else. And that’s one of the major reasons why most marketers are taking advantage of our deep obsessions with our smartphones. In fact, majority of the marketing trends for the year 2017 have been revolving around the mobile devices that are using right now.

If you are an emerging marketing professional who wants to make some noise this year, below are some of the marketing trends that are expected to make grounds this year which, you should pick up on:

  • The significant rise of the number of online purchases through e-stores is a sign that most people are now preferring making purchases just by the tap of an icon in their smartphones as shown by prediction that by the end of 2017, 75% of the online content consumption will be done by mobile device users. This redefining trend should help marketers reach more consumers especially if they continue to employ the use of online purchasing in their business. The key here is the marketers’ ability to give consumers a unique buying experience that they can enjoy if they buy their items digitally.
  • Another emerging trend in mobile marketing is the next generation advertising method by the means of mobile advertisements such as awesomely animated and adhesive banners that will attract consumers’ attention and have the ability to deliver dovetails further with consumers’ locations and activities. Around 6 billion US Dollars will be spent by marketers in mobile video ads alone by the end of 2017, projecting video ad in mobile devices as one of the soon-to-be popular means of reaching consumers.