Million Dollar Compensation For The Taxi Industry In New South Wales

In New South Wales, taxi drivers will be compensated by passengers according to the new state government passed legislation. Taxi drivers can collect and additional AU$ from their passengers because they have been affected by the NSW government’s point-to-point transport reform. The compensation package is valued at AU$250 million including AU$20,000 upfront payments to license plate holders with up to two licenses. A hardship panel will also assess if there is a need for further compensation claims.

Nowhere in the world will you experience a compensation package to assist in the industry adjustment for the taxi industry. From the AU$250 million compensation package, AU$150 million will come from the government while the remaining AU$100 million will be paid for by a temporary AU$1 levy. The regulation will create an even playing field for the point-to-point transport industry in NSW.

The new transport economy of NSW will provide passengers with better services and better value because the government will be overseeing the transport industry during the transition period. However, Uber general manager David Rohrsheim said that he wants transparency in determining compensation so that only those who deserve the compensation will be able to receive it. If consumers will be asked to reach into their own pockets to fund the hardships experienced by the taxi industry, there must be transparency on the hardship.

The lucrative airport pickup used to be the sole domain of the taxi drivers; however, passengers are now allowed to flag UberX or UberBlack car from the virtual queue system at the terminal. Passengers are also given the option of pre-booked chauffeurs meeting them at the airport’s free public pick up zone.

While Uber is considered legal in NSW, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and Southern Australia, it is not smooth sailing in Queensland because of the direct competition with maxi-cabs. Brisbane also made a crackdown on Uber drivers to ensure that they uphold the laws.

Instead of public transport, a better option is to seek the services of an airport chauffeur prior to your flight. Aside from a stress-free airport transfer, you can arrive at your destination in style and comfort.