Melbourne Courier: Tips For An Effective Package Sending

Sending a package to your employer across the state or to a loved one is not as simple as packing the item, getting a Melbourne courier and forgetting about it until it reaches the recipient. It takes more than that to get your package safely to your intended recipient. Here are some ideas:

Pack your items well

Even if you get insurance and your items would be duly compensated in the event of damage or accidental loss, you would still want your recipient to get the items, which you personally chose, in perfect condition and for them to get exactly the tem that you sent because no amount of compensation can replace a good thought. Thus, pack your item well before you send it to the courier company for delivery. If it is a breakable item, use a brand new cardboard to pack it and place packing peanuts to ensure that the item is well cushioned. You can also wrap it in an old newspaper or encase it in a bubble wrap for added protection. You should also place labels on the box and inform the Melbourne courier of the exact contents of the package.

Determine prohibited items

There are items that are prohibited for sending and some items are also banned in other countries. If you are sending items internationally or even locally, find out what these prohibited items are. This will save your time and effort for packing things that you cannot send in the first place. This information can be found on the courier’s website or from concerned government agencies’ websites.

Choose the right courier

The key to sending the package safely is getting the right courier for the job. There are a lot of shipping companies in Melbourne but pick one that is trusted by more customers based on their feedback and customer ratings. You will find out about this on the courier’s website. A company with poor service delivery rating means that there are more customers who are not satisfied with the service and this is something that you would want to avoid.