Leaving Behind A Legacy Through The Presidential Library In Chicago

2016 is an election year in the United States meaning that President Obama will be leaving the Oval Office next year in favor of his successor. President Obama is leaving behind a legacy in the form of the presidential library and museum on the south Side of Chicago. The Obama Foundation has announced that the husband and wife team of Tod Williams and Billie Tsien is going to be the lead designers for the project.

According to the one of the architects of the project, President Obama was asking about the art of architecture while the First Lady Michelle was more concerned with the feel of the space and how it is going to work. The Obama’s love modernism and they were more in favor of architecture that you can experience instead of just aesthetically beautiful objects in the landscape. According to Blair Kamin, the architectural critic of Chicago Tribune, the Obama’s were more in favor of crafted buildings instead of computer-driven objects.

The presidential library will serve an important function for the American people and it will be a cornerstone for cultural life on the Southside of Chicago. This will be the first library that will be built in a poor and predominantly African-American neighborhood.  An interesting decision for the president is choosing between Jackson Park and Washington Park but it looks like the president will opt for Washington Park to uplift and transform the poor neighborhood. However, if the president chooses Jackson Park the presidential library will be within walking distance from the Museum of Science and Industry on Lake Shore Drive. Chicago is known all over the world for its innovations in architecture and its architects have the capability to build a new presidential library that will be a monument to a much wider world.

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