Leadership Trend Projections For 2017

A new year equates to new challenges. Aside from personal challenges, there are also team, organizational and leadership challenges.

According to Jeff Boss, a contributor on the Forbes, there are surely trends coming from this year which are going to project to 2017.

Here are a few of his leadership trend projections for the coming year.

More teamwork

It is not a secret that business performance is driven by team performance. Leaders are already realizing that the organization being divided to areas of functional expertise does not benefit employees when making precise and timely decisions. Knowledge sharing, as well as cross-pollination, should be a process.

More attention in terms of curiosity

Curiosity fosters innovation and creativity. It encourages opportunity and initiates growth potential. Companies should be ready and able to withdraw from their complacency of success defining them today and question their current status for them to build a better future. It is where organizational curiosity comes in – it feeds the innate want to know more and do more.

Bigger investment in terms of human capital

It is a smart option for leaders to capitalize on millennial workforce, and a motivator for these millennials is professional and personal development. A leadership trend in 2017 that prevents millennials from hopping from one job to another entails greater mentorship opportunities.

Personalized training

Personalization is the key to learning. With technology, learning is catered and optimized to a specific pace, goal, interest and style.

Greater focus in terms of networks

In order to keep a company competitive throughout next year, leaders need to get people who can both lead their team and also collaborate across other teams. This is how teamwork and teaming differ. This cross-functionality needs new expertise and training which doesn’t come from yesterday’s obsolete hierarchical models.


Even though greater focus is emphasized on the employees, the teams and their development, it is important that leaders industry leaders should be well-equipped with the know-how to really manage both their people and their projects. This is where a PRINCE2 training helps. It is a customizable process-based approach for managing every type of project.