Lawsuit Regarding A One Star Rating Trashed By The Court

Internet service providers won this round after the court in federal appeals announced that the one star rating that was posted on Yelp is not the responsibility of the company since the negative review was uploaded and posted by visitor based on user experience.

According to the Section 230 of the CDA or Communications Decency Act, there is a broad protection offered to ISPs hat render them not responsible for the contents that are posted by a third party. The decision was already released by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the lawsuit filed by a locksmith that operates in the Washington State regarding its claim to sue Yelp because of libel. Yelp was blamed as the author of the rating which only has one star and was given to the business. The rating was said to be from a customer who was only known as Sarah K.

The court sided with Yelp since Douglas Kimzey is not able to make a case because of the existing CDA. This is the court’s decision to decline the request of Kimzey to go around the tight provision provided by CDA.

According to a record on the court from a statement by Judge Margaret M. McKeown, there is no proof that the rating system tool provided by Yelp is nothing but a platform that accepts the ratings inputted by third parties and then making the information available in one platform.

She also added that the rating system does not affect the already negative review that was left by the user on the page.

According to the user Sarah K., she decided to rate the company Kimzey’s Redmond Mobile Locksmith with one star due to the fact that the locksmith was late during the appointed time. They also charged her a fee of $210 when the estimated charge was only $50. She also added a warning for other users to call the company at their own risk. The suit has been dismissed. For emergency locksmith in Perth, make sure that you book the trusted and reliable company.