Latina Executive Chef Conquers Las Vegas

The culinary industry gets a breath of fresh air as Chef Lorena Garcia enters the scene. Aside from being talented, she accomplishes everything as if it was easy tasks and she does not seem to be struggling at all. A character that many chefs wish they possess. Joining Top Chef, she was able to prove that her energy is one of a kind. Latina women like her are the reason why men are searching for partners at

Garcia’s hometown is located at Venezuela and she grew up there. She went to Caracas for a law degree and relocated in the United States in order to finish her associates’ degree which is under paralegal studies. Her interest with law soon faded away as she pursues another passion. She enrolled at Johnson & Wales University, a school known for its culinary arts, based in Miami.

She did not focus on one international cuisine alone but went to various countries as apprentice to learn their dishes. She was able to spend time in China, France, Thailand, Italy, Korea and Japan. Her first restaurant opened in Miami and is called Food Café. After some time, she decided to launch two more restaurants and both are located in Miami. She sold these two after a while.

She joined the Top Chef Masters competition and was able to create a new menu now being used by Taco Bell. She is managing a number of airport restaurants and the most popular is Cocina which is located in the Miami International Airport.

Big Chef Little Chef is a nonprofit organization that is spearheaded by Garcia to help children suffering from obesity. She is promoting healthy eating among young kids because obesity is becoming a huge issue among Hispanic families.

As of now, she is the executive chef of Chica, a Latin American restaurant situated inside The Venetian hotel. What is more surprising is that she is the first Latina to bag this role within the Las Vegas Strip. Garcia’s accomplishments are encouraging women from to excel in their chosen field as well.