Lagos Currently Dominating The Leather Industry

When you think of leather, the last country you might think of is Nigeria but this is no longer true because of Zainab Ashadu. She is responsible for imprinting the map of the country in goat skins before they are manufactured into other products. Leather is a very common material used by companies including CalTrend which they turn into leather seat covers. It is uncommon though to see leather where the map of Nigeria is printed.

According o Ashadu, they are using the leather and turning the material into clutch bags. Not just ordinary clutch bags but these will be sent to boutiques all over the world such as Johannesburg, London, Paris, Geneva and Dublin. These are the places where her designer brand known as Zashadu is located. Aside from these cities, she also has a local flagship shop in Lagos with a lot of loyal followers.

Zashadu is known to be a luxury label that uses sustainable materials. The brand is popular for its handmade pieces using the leather material. The most affordable piece among the brand is worth £180. Aside from being Zashadu’s creative director, Ashadu is also known all over the leather industry in Nigeria because of her designs. As of the moment, an explosive renaissance is experienced by the country’s industry.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a famous author, also carries the purse made by Zashadu during the annual Vanity Fair Oscars party. Bill Amberg who is a leather designer from Britain went to Lagos in order to impart her knowledge in the leather production sector through a series of master classes. This is just a sign that the industry of the country is rising rapidly to the top.

According to Lagos Leather Fair’s founder who is also a handbag label designer, Femi Olayebi, the handmade goods from Nigeria is brought to the spotlight. The last few years they have seen how a number of designers tried everything in order to sell the precious goods but now everyone is dying to own a single piece. It will come as no surprise if companies like CalTrend will try to get their hands on those leather in order to showcase the beauty of Nigeria in their leather seat covers.