Is Amazon Joining Pharmaceutical Delivery Business?

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Without much fanfare, Amazon was able to gain approval to become a wholesale distributor from state pharmaceutical boards. However, it is still unclear whether the regulatory filing support speculation is towards the prescription drug delivery business, a territory that is dominated by a handful of companies.

According to industry analysts, there is a big possibility that Amazon is eyeing the lucrative pharmaceutical delivery business that has become quite profitable for companies like north St. Louis County-based Express Scripts Holding Co. if rumors are true, Amazon will pose a potential threat to some companies.

If you were to review records from St. Louis Post-Dispatch, you will find out that Amazon has received approval for wholesale pharmacy licenses in 12 states that include Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota, Louisiana, Alabama, New Jersey, Michigan, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Idaho, Tennessee and Oregon.  Amazon also has a pending application in the state of Maine.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the company does not comment on any speculations and rumors. However, Post-Dispatch was alerted regarding the licenses through NicodemoFlorentino, a drug supply chain researcher who works for a consulting firm in healthcare. The New Jersey lawyer provides regulatory and compliance advice for those involved in the pharmaceutical industry.

Florentino further said that Amazon requires pharmacy license before it can directly ship prescription drugs and devices to consumers. Seeing a license could provide some information but it does not tell the whole story. A North Dakota license issued last February 24 means that Amazon can distribute medical devices or medical gas.

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