Interesting Activities For Tourists In Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is a quaint town in Thailand. The laid back town is an underrated tourist attraction in Thailand. The town is around 130 kilometres to the east of Bangkok and can be easily reachable through buses, trains and taxis.  The beautiful town has many national parks, national monuments and museums in close vicinity.

Owing to the large number of visitors there are a number of accommodation options in the town. You can stay in the 4 and 5 star hotels and Kanchanaburi Resort that boasts of world-class luxuries in the lap of nature.

The town has a number of historical monuments and museums associated with the World War 2. The bridge over River Kwai, also known as the Death Railway bridge, The Hellfire pass and Museum, The Death Railway line, War Cemetery or the Don Rok cemetery, Jeath Museum are some of the historic monuments in town that take you back to the days of world war 2. The museums house some of the original tools and equipment used by the prisoners of war to construct the Death Railway Line between Thailand and Burma. Some parts of the line are still working for tourism purposes. Tourists need to stay in Kanchanaburi in order to explore all these museums and monuments at their own pace and know about the troubled war history of Thailand. They can stay at the beautiful Kanchanaburi Resort or the many boutique and luxury hotels in the town.

Apart from visiting the historic monuments, Kanchanaburi also has many interesting activities. Tourists can visit the Erawan National park and enjoy swimming in the seven tiered natural waterfalls. The national park is home to exotic flora and fauna. Trek up to the seventh tier of the waterfall for a breath taking view from the top.

Apart from the Erawan national park, tourists can also visit Hindad Hot Springs and Taweechai Elephant Sanctuary to befriend the elephants and ride them. Erawan, the oldest elephant in Thailand lives in this sanctuary. Visitors can also experience an elephant massage in the sanctuary. The sanctuary also has a mini farm to entertain the children. River kayaking in Kwai River is another popular activity in Kanchanaburi.

The town has no dearth of resorts and hotels. Visitors who plan to stay in the beautiful town for a few days can stay at the Kanchanaburi Resort by the riverside and enjoy the beautiful sites and adventure activities in the city.