Integrating Motorized Shades And Retrofit Devices Into A Smart Home

Is it worth the money to buy smart shades and blinds? There are comparatively fewer smart window treatments in the market that will be suitable for a smart home. By smart, it means being able to control window treatments through intuitive tools like voice control and automation without the need to access a mobile app.

Smart shade solutions generally fall under 2 categories: motorized shades and retrofit devices. Motorized shades are pretty expensive at $200 each. The price does not include the hub or bridge. However, the motorized shades are more self-contained, reliable and more likely to work well with smart home technology.

In contrast, retrofit devices cost less than a hundred bucks. They usually work through simple app-connected motors that can make the blinds smart. However, the retrofit devices have their own share of drawbacks. Similar to the smart shades, they require continuous loop chain blinds that are rather difficult to find in most stores and expensive at more than $100 online.

The question is will the smart shades integrate with other devices? All of the major developers require a hub so as to enable app control. Lutron’s Serena Shades are slightly more expensive but the motors are quieter and more responsive through remote using a mobile app. However, in a smart home, an individual must not worry about accessing an app to control devices because intuitive tools are more efficient.

Somfy is another option. Its motorized shades are reliable although they do now work well with any of the integration systems that have been installed in the CNET Smart Home. They can only integrate with high end systems like Control4, Crestron and Savent. On the other hand, Serena shades works well with HomeKit, Nest and IFTTT making it a better device to integrate with all the other gadgets in a smart home.

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