Important Tips When Replacing The Roof In Atlantic Canada

Ensuring that the roof is properly maintained in Atlantic Canada is the best protection against the onslaught of different elements. In most cases, replacing the roof is better than repairs particularly if the roof is already near the end of its lifespan. Replacing the roof is a big expense for a homeowner but usually the cost will depend on the quality of materials used and proper installation methods.

When to replace the roof

The most obvious signs that the roof needs replacement include curling or brittle shingles, shiny shingles and dips in the roofline. Shiny shingles means the granular protective coating is already worn out.

How to select the right roofing material

Most of the roofing systems installed in homes are asphalt shingles that can either be standard three-tab or architectural. The architectural shingles are more expensive than the standard three-tab but they can hide any imperfections in the roof structure. More value can be gained from the architectural shingles because they are more durable to stand up to the elements with a longer lifespan warranty.

However, there is another option available in the market – metal roofing. Installation is more expensive than asphalt shingles but because of the high quality of metal, it can easily resist any weather-related damages. Metal roofing also needs finishing with high quality paint which means thinking twice before making a decision.

Importance of a good roofing contractor

Professional roofing contractors understand the importance of proper ventilation to prevent the buildup of heat during summer. When the roof is properly ventilated, warm, moist air will escape during winter to prevent mold infestation. Proper ventilation also prevents the formation of ice dams that occurs when warm air escapes from the living area into the attic and becomes trapped to cause snow to melt and refreeze. It is also critical for the roofing contractor to follow manufacturer’s instructions so as not to void the warranty.

Metal roofing is gaining popularity because of homeowner’s needs to have more durable roofs. There are a few however that assumes that metal roofs are not aesthetically beautiful. There are various metal roof styles to choose from if you want something great to complement the home’s architectural style.