How To Make Your Own 12 v LED Strip Lighting

If you want to make your own 12 v LED strip lighting for your car or even your own boat, you will need to gather the following materials which can be readily purchased from your trusted hardware shop:

  • One 100nf capacitor
  • One In4007 diode
  • One 150Ohm resistor
  • 4 LED bulbs
  • Solder
  • Soldering iron
  • Pliers


The next thing you will need to do once the materials are ready is to draw up how your circuit will look like. The proper placement of the wires will dictate how the LED bulbs will run. You will need to diodes for every LED bulb to prevent it from collecting any reverse voltages which can eventually cause serious damage. Also, the capacitor will be able to filter out large amount of spikes that might burn the LED bulbs. The use of capacitor is only optional but if you’re planning to install a 12 v LED strip lighting for your luxury car, then it’s recommended that you use capacitor because there are tendencies when cars went on fire due to the absence of the capacitor.


When putting everything together, you have to safety goggles and gloves for protection. Now, the first thing you will need to do is to iron out the resistor and the LED bulbs. Make sure that the resistor is properly soldered into the long pin of the bulbs. Next, you will need to bend the new cathode of the new LED and the anode of the one you just soldered and then solder them all together. Remember to remember all excessed metals except for the anode of the LED. Next is the bending of the resistor to the other side so it takes up lesser space when completed. Make sure that the diode is properly soldered too to the resistor. The last thing you will need to do is to carefully solder the capacitor to the resistor, specifically to the area where the diode is securely in placed. Just a friendly reminder: don’t hold onto the soldering iron for a long period of time or everything will fall apart. Now, you can decide where to put the completed project.