How Employers Respond To Addiction In The Workforce

Drug addiction has become a global problem. Even professionals and business executives were reported to be victims of substance abuse. Individuals have the option of luxury rehab if they do not want to be treated in standard rehabilitation facilities. There is also the option between traditional treatment through medication and holistic approach that treats both the physical and psychological effects of addiction.

According to statistics shared by chamber president Cindy Frey and Jeff Jones, the executive leader for Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress in Batholomew County, nearly 25% of job applicants all over the country fail pre-employment drug tests. Based on estimations, at least 1,000 individuals in Bartholomew County suffer from opioid addiction.

Local people are dealing with drug addiction but several thousand more  particularly those in the workforce are facing the high risks of addiction because of a relationship with family member, loved one or a co-worker who is an addict. However, it should not be forgotten that there are about 60,000 t0 70,000 people living in Bartholomew County that are not addicted to opioids. These people who have no addictions must mitigate the problem and focus their efforts towards education and prevention.

Jeff Jones who is a retired Cummins Inc. executive provides business executives with an understanding of the alliance’s progress over the last 6 months which includes extensive research and organizational and planning efforts for the preparation of a multi-faceted response by the community to last for several decades.

One of group composed of Columbus employers said that they are using staffing services during the initial hiring process which includes pre-employment drug testing. Applicants who fail the drug test are informed that they failed but there is no educational process that will guide them to get treatment to become eligible for employment. Persons who have felony convictions due to drug possessions and other offenses also become ineligible for employment.

Through the effort of luxury rehab, an individual is provided with the necessary support and treatment so that they can recover with a feeling of self worth. Trained staff treats patients with the dignity and respect that they deserve so that they can rid themselves of the life-threatening addiction.