Hospitality Management Developer To Launch In Rayong

What used to be a small town, Rayong is currently blooming. Aside from the number of industrial projects in the area, there is also a wedding hotel in Rayong and a new real estate developer has recently taken an interest to launch a new hotel. Mida Assets is the Thai developer which formed a partnership with Wellity, a company based in Singapore. Together, the two firms are hoping to launch AksornRayong which is part of The Wellity Collection. These are a line of properties that focuses on wellness based on science and a theme that embrace arts and culture.

The new hotel will be constructed at the coastline of Laem Mae Pim in the Rayongprovince which is found at the eastern part of Thailand. According to MW Wellness Management’s co-founder and the designated CEO, Anthony Jude Tan, the partnership between Mida Assets and Wellitywas established a year ago. This is the very first hotel which is going to feature the TheWellity Collection, focusing on medical wellness, and Aksorn, a hotel brand that features arts and culture.

Mida Assets’ president as well as managing director, WisoodLeosivikul who is also one of the founders of MW Wellness Management, they have invested more than 20 million baht for the Wellity in order to create the MW Wellness Management in 2017. Now they have more than 1 billion baht invested to create AksornRayong which is branded as part of The Wellity Collection.

From the total amount invested, it was assumed that around 35 million was used in order to fund the wellness equipment as well as the element fittings of the project.

The COO of Wellity, Vincent Tan, said that the first resort representing the MW Wellness Management is not only focused on health but hospitality at the same time. They pride themselves to be different from wellness retreats that offer accommodations. Much like the wedding hotel in Rayong which is focused on serving for the occasion, their goal is to provide hospitality and wellness at the same time with no aspect lagging behind. Aside from Thailand, there is also The Wellity Collection available in Vietnam, China and Malaysia.