Growing In Popularity With No Signs Of Dying – Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Holiday Icons To Stay

Christmas is once again fast approaching, and just like the past few years since Christmas 2011, Ugly Christmas Sweaters are once again a hit, whether DIY or from companies whose specialty is creating intentionally hideous Christmas themed sweaters like But how did this craze come to be?

Often knitted and can be made up of Kashmir goat hair, cotton or synthetic fibers, a Christmas sweater or jumper is typically a top and is more often than not, a pull over, with tacky Christmas theme designs. Every one of them basically take the same form and functionally to protect from the Winter cold, but the idea of the hilarious designs incorporated to them are endless. Initially, were just to revive retro sweaters design but now, they venture into any theme because this niche wants anything bizarre. No one really knows who started it first but as early as 1980’s, regulars in television shows boast different kinds of what they dub as an ugly Christmas sweater. During the eighties, United Kingdom celebrities like Timmy Mallett and Giles Brandreth wears them on Christmas specials for their television shows, as well as singers Val Doonican and Andy Williams while they perform during the holidays. Also around the eighties, an Ireland popular TV show, The Late Late Show, have their hosts wear a broad collection of knitted ugly Christmas sweater during episodes aired during the holidays.

During the 1990s and 2000s, they became gag gifts that someone would be embarrassed by, probably attributed to the film Bridget Jone’s Diary. However, during the 2010s, online sellers and retailers report that sales of sweaters with Christmas themes rose to 600%. This is then followed by a number of celebrities seen wearing Christmas sweaters in public. It paved the way to be one of the season’s must-haves, a classic that will most probably not die. Nowadays, corporate Christmas parties are often in Christmas sweaters theme and even hold contests for the most creative, or ugliest, Christmas sweaters. It somehow adds a fun and light mood to these events, apart from making fun out of each other’s sweaters. It has become so in demand that one of the best sources for these hilarious sweaters, are even on their way to hit their $5 million target in sales.