First Wedding Expo For Same Sex Couples Happening In Australia

2017 was a memorable year for majority of Australians because of the passing into law of the same sex marriage which makes it legal in the country. The result is an overwhelming number of couples planning to have a wedding but this undeniably a very challenging task. This is the reason why the country will be witnessing its very first wedding expo intended for same-sex couples. This is where they will learn how to hire a Sydney wedding planner in order to have less stress and for the celebration to go smoothly.

The legalization of same-sex wedding in Australia means a big boost for the wedding industry of the country. This is the reason why companies that are catering towards same-sex marriage are able to operate a successful business venture. One good example is the wedding expo for the members of the LGBTI community to be hosted by a company called Ever After.

There is not much difference between same-sex wedding expos and the traditional one except for the exhibitors and the vibrant colours used by vendors.

The primary aim of the event is to included everyone and provide a welcoming area for all types of individuals.

The website also boats that the exhibitors will be supporting of their choices, will respect and accept the requests of same-sex couples and will honour the choices for their big day. There is an assurance that the vendors will be just as excited for the special day.

The main goal of the exhibition is to provide a venue for same-sex couples to meet exhibitors that are accepting and supportive of their plan to marry one another.

Organizers have already talked to all businesses who decided to have a stall during the event to be supportive, tolerant as well as professional regardless of the choices made by the engaged couples.

This is the very first same-sex wedding expo in Australia and a total of 75 exhibitors will be present.

There is also good news of couples in Melbourne and Brisbane because they won’t have to go to a Sydney wedding planner as the company is also planning to hold the same event on these two cities.