Employees Arrested After Stealing $75,000 Worth Of Jewelry

Two employees from a moving company are currently in jail and are accused of stealing from a customer living in Odessa. Almost $75,000 worth of jewelry was stolen.

Multiple theft incidents from a moving company

Herbert Moore, 25, and Duquesne Broadway, 38, pawned the jewelry for $362 in Tampa, as stated by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeff Knowles, the franchise vice-president, mentioned, through a written statement, that they know about the theft report and are continuing to work with local authorities and the customer.

However, this is not the first instance their employees were accused of stealing. The ABC Action News discovered two more complaints at their New Port Richey location.

Carol Perella filed a complaint connected with her move last 2013. She said that the movers stole about $14,000 worth of her possessions, which included liquor and a coin collection, aside from other items. She added that the business did not do anything in order to undertake her concerns.

In 2012, there was a different complaint about a $15,000 coin collection being stolen from an eighty-eight year old WWII Veteran.

The victim already passed away, but his son said that they still did not receive any compensation for the incident.

Two Men and a Truck did not give out any comments regarding the said thefts. Jeff Knowles mentioned in his written statement that their employees have gone through and passed background checks.

Based from The ABC Action News’ research, Broadway has been in jail nine times already since 2004, although this is the first time he is arrested for theft.

A Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services representative mentioned that the moving company is relatively reliable in comparison to the other movers.

The franchise owner said that they have about 10,000 moves each year. A majority of the customers they have give good feedback.


Whether in transaction with interstate movers in the United States or international movers in Abu Dhabi or in other parts of the world, it is important to make sure that the company is a reputable one. It doesn’t hurt to research and to compare companies, so that circumstances like these are avoided.