Dumped Tyres Problem At Stawell Continues

The western part of Australia is housing one of the biggest tyre dump facility in the country. According to environmental watchdogs, the owners will have to come up with about $6 million in order to cover the cost spent in order to stop the fire hazard caused by their facility. Facilities handing old tyres on the Gold Coast are careful not to make the same mistake because of the repercussions.

This week, they were able to clear the last tyres that were taken away from the Stawell dump. It was two months ago when the Environmental Protection Authority took over the dumpsite because they owners did not comply with the mandate to clean the place.

There was a point where in the dump was keeping 9 million pieces of old tyres. It is considered to be one of the biggest dumps in the entire world. It remains unchanged for around ten years.

The space was keeping 9500 tonnes of old tyres and the amount required 380 trucks to move all of them. According to the EPA, majority of these tyres are being shredded and fuel is derived from them.

The unfortunate news is that 3500 tonnes of them are not eligible for recycling thus it will be sent to the landfill.

The clean-up process cost the EPA almost $6 million and they are determined to make the owners pay through legal process.

The site is said to be owned by an internet marketing firm in Panama after it was sold by the previous owner who failed to follow through with the promise of recycling the tyres.

EPA’s regional services director, Damian Wells, said that the behaviour is unacceptable thus tolerating it is not an option.

These companies must be held liable because they are the ones who were paid by consumers to receive and handle the wastes. According to the CFA, there is a very high risk of a fire breaking out in the site. All collectors of old tyres on the Gold Coast are following the protocol because they know the fire risks and their obligations to recycle them properly.