Delhi NCR Employees Seeking Out Professional Help And Self-Help Groups Due To Stress

The workplace can be very stressful for those that spend their time in it. Corporate staff across Delhi NCR agree wholeheartedly, with the recent increase in their seeking out of peer groups and professional experts on coaching and life.

Corporate employees in the Delhi NCR area have recently been made painfully aware of how destructive stress can really be after a 47-year-old Chief Operating Officer, Vinnet Whig, committed suicide last year by jumping to his death off of a Gurgaon building. Vineet reportedly had a note in his pocket, stating that the man was ‘fed up’ with himself. Following that, is the recent case of a 45-year-old BPO employees also jumping to her death from her Gurgaon building. The employee, who was said to have been suffering from depression, died after falling from the seventh floor of her Sohna Road office building.

The employees of Delhi NCR are now seeking out peer groups and experts in coaching and life in the hopes that they can help improve their outlooks on life, and prevent similar tragedies from occurring. The employees now see counseling and group help as not simply a thing to help them in their lives, but also to protect them from the worst effects of stress.

For example, as response to the recent incidents, one life coach, Jasmin Waldmann, has been conduction her group coaching sessions, named ‘Depression Free‘, in the Gurgaon area, where, she believes, that such help is most needed, especially by the younger employees.

She states that one of the issues is that people tend to be tight-lipped about their problems, which is alleviated by hearing someone else talk about the same things. She adds that people suffer due to heavy workload and excessively high self-standards.

Waldmann’s efforts to combat depression and stress is merely one of the few that have been gaining traction across the area and the region, as more and more people open themselves up to professional help and fellows in light of the recent incidents that have hit the country.

Gaurav Agarwal formed the Listening Circle – Share & Listen this January, after running some sessions in the US. He found that people in India are more quiet about their issues compared to those from the US. He thinks that people don’t seek out help as often because the discussion regarding mental health is fairly new to the country. He adds, stating that people should speak up and be heard, as people tend to be more open in groups they can relate to.