Couples In America Are Receiving Bitcoins As Wedding Gift

Many years ago, traditional wedding gift ideas include a dish set, a personal photograph on a canvas or the latest kitchen appliances. This is no longer true in the digital age as many couples are already placing bitcoin as gift option in their wedding registries.

Wedding guests who are technically inclined prefer to gift wedding couples the digital currency because of its value which continues to increase. Buying bitcoin nowadays is considered to be a future investment along with bond and stocks – as long as things go well. It might sound a little bit crazy but the fact is that bitcoin is known for its volatility. If you were gifted a $100 bitcoin during your wedding in 2011, this will now have a current value of over $238,000.

According to Emily Cohn, an editor in Business Insider, she and her husband were gifted bitcoins during their wedding. She quipped that it was the best gift they have received during that day. Ben Eisen, Emily’s husband, used to be a reporter for MarketWatch and he published an article regarding their experience at The Wall Street Journal last year. He said that September of 2016, they were given $230 bitcoins as a gift and before the year ends the value has increased to $430. Checking the value on June 26, 2017 which is less than a year from their wedding date, the value has soared to $2,383.

According to Neeraj Agrawal, the spokesperson of Coin Center which is the bitcoin advocacy group, it is best to use your judgment before giving bitcoin as a gift because not every couple will be able to appreciate the value of the cryptocurrency given that its future value is unpredictable. The digital currency is not only volatile but there is a learning curve one must keep in mind to make sure it is invested well.

Agrawal added that the gifting bitcoin follows the same rule when giving monetary gift. The amount should be between $50 and $250 depending on what the giver can afford. There are also other wedding gift ideas such as a personal canvas with the couple’s favorite photograph or other household items you know they have wanted to purchase.