Costume Business From Lehi Reached International Grounds

In Lehi, there sits a small business which was looked after for 5 years. Today, Little Adventures do business in multiple countries on 5 continents. They sold around 500 thousand items in 2015.

The CEO of the company Jennifer Harrison used to run a daycare in her home. Harrison would watch after her friend Heather Granata’s daughter in times when Granata had to do errands. It was when these 2 friends were presented with a need to dress up their girls in costumes when the idea dawned to them. The two friends and both mothers wanted dress up clothes. They had a difficult time looking for what they needed. Clothes they found were either unwashable, too itchy or poorly made. Thus, they made a decision to sew costumes on their own.

They paid attention to designing for both boys and girls and costumes that are washable, not itchy and comfortable fabrics and with seams and hems. They wanted to allow kids to be themselves even while wearing these clothes.

They initially worked in the basement of Harrison’s house. They tried selling in Orem City Days and on eBay but both were a flop. It was only when they raised the prices for people to know their value that their dress-ups started selling. For a time, they began prioritizing wholesale when the sales increased. Some Lehi residents worked as employees. Tina Sorensen has been with the company for 9 years. She worked in Human Resources and now takes charge of logistics. She said that the company is very family-centered.

Stewart Fletcher who is another employee of 9 months directs shipping. He describes the company to be close knit. The office is now based in Pleasant Grove with 16 employees. He describes his job can get busy with shipping to Australia, Dubai, Japan, Spain and other countries. The small business that was born in Lehi has now reached international grounds.

Their company is just an example of a business that focuses on costumes and designs. There are a lot of thriving custom designing businesses and TV Store Online Costumes shops out there. What matter is how the it is run and nurtured to success.