Coles Prepares For The Entry Of Amazon In The Australian Market

Great value is offered by international courier in Australia for both local and national parcel deliveries because of the presence of full tracking system from collection to delivery. Full tracking allows customers to know where their parcels are at any given time of the day. Tracking details can also be conveniently downloaded.

Coles is Australia’s second largest supermarket that is using high tech taxi service Uber to beef up its online offerings before ecommerce giant Amazon enters the Australian market. Uber is known for its ride-sharing app and works as an alternative to taxis. Recently, Uber launched UberEATS service in Australia to allow restaurants to use the app for home deliveries. Coles is using Uber drivers to augment its own network of delivery vans for same-day deliveries of products that were missing from online orders and items that have to be replaced.

Aside from food delivery for restaurants, Uber operates UberRUSH brand, a courier and delivery service in several US cities. This is a potential solution to the “last mile problem” that is being faced by online retailers and international courier in Australia as well as logistic companies.

Online grocery market in Australia is worth at least $2.7 billion annually but according to IBISWorld, the market has failed to take off because of low population density and high wages that make it challenging for cost effective deliveries. Online groceries have to overcome “last mile” which is the most expensive and least efficient on the online supply chain.

Coles is trying to overcome the “last mile” problem by using Uber drivers instead of their own fleet of vans to make deliveries less expensive. Coles has previously stated that it is prepared to face ecommerce giant Amazon that is expected to start trading next year. If local retailers do not become innovative with their distribution, it will be difficult to compete with Amazon.

Using professional international courier in Australia to deliver parcels abroad is a great option for online retailers because it reduces time and inconveniences. Insurance coverage is available particularly for high value items that require sensitive handling like computers and telecommunication equipment as well as electronics, medical equipment and home entertainment systems.